CALENDAR 2021-2022:

Monday, 9/20: First Day of Classes

Monday, 10/11: Indigenous Peoples Day, NO CLASSES

Thursday, 11/11: Veterans Day, NO CLASSES

Wednesday, 11/24- Saturday, 11/27 CLOSED, Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, 12/21-Saturday, 1/1 CLOSED, Winter Break

Monday, 1/17 MLK DAY, NO CLASSES

Saturday, 2/19- Friday, 2/25 CLOSED, February Break

Saturday, 4/16-Friday, 4/22 CLOSED, April Break



Tuition is based on our full dance season September-May/June. This cost includes holidays, vacations, and potential snow-days; Payments reflect the year’s tuition and are not based on the number of classes taken. Your dancer's tuition may be paid annually or broken into two session payments. Tuition due on or before Sept 6th, and on or before February 1st. Monthly payment plans are available upon request; automated payments only with credit card information on file. Tuition is non-refundable. We align mostly with the Needham public school calendar in terms of holidays, school vacations, and weather cancellations. Tuition is due by your dancer's first class, payable in person at the studio, by mailed check, or through the Parent Portal by credit card (3.75% Transaction Fee applies).

Check payable to Total Eclipse Dance Studio mailed to: 


11 Crescent Road

Needham, MA 02494


Sibling Discount:

10% Discount will be applied to the annual tuition for each additional student within a family, beginning with the sibling with the second-largest program and so-on.


There will be a $35 charge for every month tuition is late. A $35 fee will be assessed against all returned checks.

Make-Up Classes: 

If you must miss a class due to illness or other scheduling issues, you are welcome to make it up in any of the classes recommended by Gemma or Alicia. 


Students enrolled at TEDS are expected to commit to our end of the year show; DATE TBA.

Costume Deposit

$50 for each class to be performed in the concert.  Costume Deposits due on or before November 1st.

Dress Code:

NO SWEATSHIRTS IN CLASS: Fitted wrap sweaters available at Capezio!

Students MUST follow TEDS dress-code.

Our uniform can be found at Capezio  (330 Washington St. Wellesley) or On Your Toes Dancewear (194 Newbury St. Peabody)

BE SURE to mention Total Eclipse Dance Studio and they will take you through our uniform depending on your dancer's classes.


All students need a leotard, tights, and appropriate shoe-wear; Hip-Hop dancers can wear a leotard with dance shorts, or black sweatpants. ACRO students are not required to wear a leotard and tights, comfortable clothing and bare feet are recommended.



Lily Capezio Pink

Hanami Capezio Pink 


So Danca JZ76 OR JZ43 Caramel

Dancers in the TUESDAY 3:30, or SATURDAY 11:15 JAZZ & HIP-HOP CLASS should be wearing Jazz shoes, NOT Hip-Hop sneakers!


Ages 5-9

Capezio Mary Jane: Tan

Ages 10-12

Capezio Tap jr. Footlights: Tan 

Ages 13&Up

Fluid or Cadence: Black

LYRICAL/MODERN/CONTEMPORARY (optional as some prefer bare feet)

Capezio Pirouette Shoe

Capezio Foot Undie 


Preferably a shoe with a white sole (vans/converse/nike) however if a more comfortable running/workout sneaker is more desirable to your dancer that is fine. We ask that this sneaker be DESIGNATED to indoor/dance class use to avoid tracking mud and dirt into the studio!




At Capezio/On Your Toes Advisement 


Pre-K/K (ages 3-5)

Motionwear BowBack cap sleeve pink 

Optional: wrap top pink CC850C

Int/upper/adv (everyone above pre-k/k)

Any/All leotards below are acceptable: BLACK

Short sleeve leotard CC400 

Tank Leotard w/ jazz leg line CC200

Cami Leotard w/ adjustable straps CC100

Optional: Wrap Sweater black/pink (CL10949C)



(ALL) Pink or Tan

Capezio ultra soft transition (if taking Modern/lyrical)



Capezio boycut short blk