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Total Eclipse Dance Studio Presents 
Space: The Final Frontier
Our 6th Annual Recital
Carling-Sorenson Theater at Babson College
Show #1: Saturday, June 1st at 11:00AM
Show #2: Saturday, June 1st at 2:30PM
Show #3: Saturday, June 1st at 7:00PM
Show #4: Sunday, June 2nd at 11:00AM
Show #5: Sunday, June 2nd at 4:00PM


Volunteer Opportunities:

We are looking for backstage mothers to help the dancers during the rehearsals and performances.  A minimum of 2 parents per class are requested to help keep the dancers safe and prepared for each of their dances.  We request that backstage mothers commit to at least one dress rehearsal in addition to the corresponding performance(s).  Dress Rehearsal is not just a time for the dancers to learn their way around the theater, but for our volunteers to learn as well!

We are also looking for Security and Usher volunteers for all of our performances – these important roles help keep our dancers safe backstage, and guide our audience to their seats, respectively.

If you are interested and able to help with any of these positions, please click on "Volunteer Sign-Up" below and "RSVP"! 

Hairstyles, Tights & Shoes (CLICK HERE)


In-Studio Rehearsal Schedule (CLICK HERE)

The purpose of these rehearsals is to experience the real run of the show -- the performances in real time, with no stops between dances.  Following each run-through, we will hold a cast meeting and rehearse bows for the end of the performance.  Dismissal time is an approximation.

Do I wear my costume to these rehearsals or not?

Most dancers will participate in these rehearsals in their normal class attire – NOT in Costume.  Dancers who have quick costume changes will be asked to bring those costumes for the purpose of rehearsing costume changes in the actual amount of time they will have during the real performances. For our Upper Intermediate and Advanced dancers, a Quick Change is one in which you have 3 or fewer dances to change.  For our younger dancers, a Quick Change is one is which you have 4 or fewer dances to change.  If you have any questions about whether you have a quick change or not, please ask!


Please Note that in Shows 2, 3, 4 & 5, we will have an intermission between Act I and Act II – this will NOT result in a quick change.  Please see attached rehearsal schedule for placement of Intermission.

Dress Rehearsals at Babson College (CLICK HERE)

The purpose of these rehearsals will ensure that the dancers know their places on the stage, learn the backstage environment, how to get from their dressing rooms to the backstage area, etc. Dances are rehearsed in performance order, and dancers are requested to arrive 25 minutes prior to their listed onstage time.  Dancers will be dismissed after their last dance on each day.


Each dance will be rehearsed in full costume (with correct shoes and tights) and assigned hairstyle.  Dancers should arrive in their first costume and tights with their hair in the correct style of their first dance.  Please wear street shoes and change into your dance shoes at the theater.  Ensure you bring a garment bag for this first costume, and a change of clothes as dancers will leave their costumes at the theater between rehearsals and performances.


We understand that some dancers may need to leave school early in order to arrive for their first dance.  This is not a decision that we take lightly; however, we want to ensure that all of our dancers have their turn on stage with enough time to feel comfortable prior to performing.  In order to fit all of our classes in the allotted time (without going too late at night), we do need to start rehearsals promptly at 3:00PM.


On the day of your dancer’s performance, please plan to arrive two hours prior to show time.  Dancers should arrive in street clothes as their costumes will already be at the theater.  Dancers’ hair should be styled for their first dance, and make-up should already be applied. (Info about hair and make-up to come in a separate email)

For the safety of your children: All dancers will remain backstage for the entire performance. Parents who are not officially volunteering will not be allowed backstage.


Tickets are available beginning Monday, May 6th at 9:00AM, online through TuTuTix.  Tickets will cost $29.35 (including TuTuTix’s fees) and will be delivered to you electronically. We recommend that you print your tickets out or show them on your mobile phone upon admission to the performance/s.


Please Note:

  1. Balcony Seats: The Carling-Sorenson Theater does have a balcony section, and tickets will be available in the balcony for all performances.  In prior years, we have heard from a few families that they were not able to find the balcony seats on the TuTuTix website. The seating chart that pops up is two pages, so you just need to scroll all the way down, and you will be able to click on the balcony.

  2. Accessible seating is available in the “Orchestra Box” sections to the right and left of the main orchestra section, and will be labeled as such on the TuTuTix Seating Chart.  When viewing the main seating chart, please be sure to click on the “Orchestra Box Left” or “Orchestra Box Right” to see available seats in these sections.

Dancers should not purchase tickets to shows in which they are performing, because they are required to remain backstage for the entirety of the performance.  Dancers attending a show in which they are not performing (e.g., to watch a sibling) do need to purchase a ticket. Siblings aged 3 and older will need their own ticket; siblings under 3 may sit on a parent’s lap.

Tickets for all performances will be available for purchase at the following link:

You do not need to create an account to purchase tickets in Tututix. All questions related to your ticket purchases are handled by Tututix directly. You may use their call center number - 855-222-2849 and choose Option 1.

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