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Recreational Hip-Hop Program

Classes for students interested in dance, but un-interested in the end of year concert. These classes will have a small performance in-studio to showcase their hard work mid-year and end of the year.

Recreational Hip-Hop
Eclipse Program

Eclipse Program

Ages 5-18

Dancers under the age of 10 taking classes in the Eclipse Program are not​ required to take Ballet. Any students over the age of 10 who would like to take jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, contemporary, hip-hop or acro must be taking a ballet class with us. Only dancers taking ballet will be invited to join Company, Competition, and are limited to other subjects that require a strong ballet background.


Ages 5-10

Combining subjects allows dancers who are not ready to commit many hours a week, or find one full hour of a certain subject unfulfilling, the chance to experience more out of their time in class. With specifically paired subjects, combination classes create a positive and exciting environment for the dancers. **Dancers do​ have the option to choose one class out of the combination.


Ages 2-5

Ballet (45 min)

Tap (15  min)

Ages 6-7

Ballet (45 min)

Jazz/Hip-Hop & Tumble (45 mins or 1 hr) 

{Tumble: Beginner Acro/Gymnastics]

Ages 8-10

Ballet (45 min)

Jazz (45 min)

Tap (30 min)

Hip/Hop & Modern Combo (1hr & 30)

BOYS Hip/Hop (30 min or 45 min)

Tap Combo (30 min)


Ages 11-18

Dancers in this age group will be leveled into classes based on age and experience. Dancers in this age group also have the opportunity to be a part of Total Eclipse Dance Studio's Company program. See below for details on Company.

Ballet (1 hour)

Jazz (1 hour)

Tap (30 or 45 min)

Pointe (30 or 45 min)

Hip/Hop (1 hour)

BOYS Hip Hop (1 hr)

Modern (1 hour) 

Lyrical/Contemporary (1 hour)

Acro & Rhythm (1 hour)

Dancer’s Conditioning

Technique Tune Up

*Option to add 2nd class in any subject.



Ages 11-18

Dancers in the 11-18 age group have the opportunity to join Company.  Company 1 is reserved for our advanced dancers, Company 2 is reserved for our intermediate level dancers. Students will be invited when they have demonstrated proficient technique, musicality, range, and knowledge of dance. These students will be required to take at least 5 classes a week (including ballet, and a conditioning/skills class). Company students will have the opportunity to work with different faculty members, and guest instructors to expand their dance education and abilities. Company students will work on a choreographed piece with which they will perform together in a competition venue, and in the end of the year performance. These students will have the opportunity to compete with smaller numbers; solos, duets, trios etc.

Master Classes

Master Classes



Will be offered to our intermediate-advanced dancers, whether you’re Company student or not. Instructors (in house & out of house) will be invited to teach in various subjects. These classes will educate our students in different genres of dance, and inspire creativity.

Adult Dance & Fitness

Adult Dance & Fitness with The Beauty Barre

50 min

Adults & Teens

Total Eclipse Dance Studio will be partnering with The Beauty Barre - a dance, and dance for fitness company. Within this program there are several opportunities for clients to achieve their goals in dance, fitness, or both! Visit the website for more class details.

Dance Classes






Fitness Classes


Barre Dance

Beat Barre


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